Brooklyn's Kevin Caputo has created a project of industrial and drum and bass music to shake the soul on the dance floor and cause you to bang your head at the same. The chaotic, pulsing, pounding, crushing beats don't hold back as you're held down and bludgeoned repeatedly in this aura sensation. First track 'Funeral For A Viking' begins innocently enough with a female choral atmosphere before knocking down the walls and breaking into a fast-paced drumbeat and ferocious vocals, mixed with the occasional axe-blade guitar.  '3 Minutes In Hell' opens with a voice saying  "I warn you what you're about to hear is very disturbing", and he doesn't lie. The in-your-face rhythms and ear-piecing vocals repetitively toss a handful of havoc our way. If you can't move to this, you probably don't have a soul. A remix by Korn may seem like a poor choice, but damn, 'Twisted' is a jumbled mess of incoherent, sadistic madness that kicks ass on so many levels. No idea what the fucking vocals are saying, but I really don't give a damn. This simply makes my ears blissfully bleed. Fourth track 'American Carnage' starts with warning sirens before trampling us with marching beats and old-school industrial sounds. STEREO ASSASSIN understands this form of music down to its core. No track on "Satanic Breaks" sounds the same. 'Human Prey' shrieks and screams, muscling its way into a blitzkrieg of enormous proportions. God, I wanna just get up and shake my bones till they evaporate, except I can't dance for shit. But if I could... 'The Leviathans' ends the package with a musical sayonara to send us on our sorry way back to hell. "Satanic Breaks" simply doesn't let up in it's delivery. if you like your beats loud, heavy and grinding, give this a listen.


Created on 1 October 2010, Stereo Assassin are a Industrial/ Dubstep/ Extreme metal band. The band have two releases prior to Satanic Breaks. Kevin Caputo, has been in the music scene for quite some time now, just looking at some of his bio, it is clear he knowshis craft. Harmony Corruption 1991-1993, Bassist for LI Hardcore legends Disciplinary Action 1992-994, Singer songwriter for Long Island Metalcore heros Soul-Sick. Artie Alexander is the other member of the band, who is currently guitarist for Harley Flanagan’s Hard Core band. What can be expected on the Satanic Breaks album? A perfect blend of various genres and musical orientation. There is whole host of things going on on every track, one minute there’s a Dubstep groove going on, then the next, a fusion of Hardcore crossed with the Prodigy. I have no idea how the Stereo Assassin have managed to create all of these ideas and bring them to life via this album, but, there is such a vast array of musical sectors amalgamated into one solid unit, it is quite mind shattering. I know that Industrial has been around for a while, but Stereo Assassin take things to a new level. Bands like Ministry, Bile, NIN, KFDM and the like have got to step up their game if they are going to top this album! If you are a fan of obscure, experimental, extreme music, then i strongly recommend you get hold of a copy of Stereo Assassin’s Satanic Breaks. I am sure you will not be disappointed.


Nothing says coming off a Memorial Day Weekend bender like listening to some Stereo Assassin. I felt obligated to feel like the EDM Assassin when listening to this album. Stereo Assassin has combined the best of metal and the best of drum & bass to create one hell of an album that shock the world. This starts off with a “Funeral For A Viking” and you already get the tone of where this album is going. It will make testosterone flow through your body and the adreneline hit scary high levels. I listened to this album at least three times over and fell in love with the Korn remix of “Twisted,” but the whole album. It is great to have an album like this when I hit the gym so I can relentlessly hit the weights and just get the blood rushing through my veins. You’re going to love this especially with the love of metal and Drum & Bass. Check it out now!


Upon first listening to your song I noticed that, when it comes to simply the process of songwriting and production, the song has a good sense of variation, contrasts and repetition. The feminine chanting contrasted very effectively with the rest but most of the other vocalisations were processed in such a way that they’re barely understandable and evidently involving subliminal messages which will not be discussed in this review.The intro of the song works well at creating a strong sense of tension and build up, which is also made even stronger through the pause before the aggressive burst of sound which follows. The high resonance above the female vocal starts this element of tension which is developed into the pitch bending, so although the resonance is a bit jarring I’m assuming it’s intentional. The section which follows sounds very aggressive but at the same time all the elements are produced well and the guitar breaks are also effective at introducing variations which drive the music even forward. There is a good sense of development in the instrumental texture as well and the heavy rock elements are fused well with the dub, making seamless transitions between traditional and electronic instrumentation. Although aggressive and rough the production is not over-compressed and all the elements are quite clear. The section which follows, involving the chant, balances out with the rest even though it is completely contrasting, and at the same time it creates tension for the following explosion of sound towards the end. The repeated guitar riff at the end sounds a bit unnatural and looped but in relation to the rest of the song it is acceptable.



Stereo Assassin is an independent artist from Oceanside Long Island, releasing all genres of musc (industrial, breaks, breakbeats, metal, dubstep, ambient & hip hop) under the flag of electronic music on his own label: Born Wrong Records. With over 20,000 fans on his mailing list & an ever growing internet popularity, Stereo Assassin is truly a “Do it yourself “ artist. Being A proficient musician & possessing a wide knowledge of different music genres is what makes Stereo Assassin’s music interesting & relevant. His exploration of different music styles and incorporating them into the overall genre of electronic music is a strongpoint he exploits. Not satisfied with just the sampling, sequencing & programming aspect of electronic music, Stereo Assassin implements the use of his skills as a live musician layering tracks with bass & guitars. Very few (if any) artists in the realm of electronic music can say this. Stereo Assassin’s influences are as diverse as the music he plays: Beastie Boys, Dust Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Chemical Brothers, Slipknot, Korn, Public Enemy, Portishead, Filter, Pitchshifter, Skrillex, Noisia, Dj Shadow & Dj Spooky to name a few. One thing to be expected of Stereo Assassin’s music is to not expect anything… With so Many twists, turns & change-ups (often within one song) listeners are never given the chance to know what’s coming next.

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