"Seasons Of Grief"

Coming This Spring

100% Industrial Deathstep

The violent Trajectory of This Ep is on par with a deranged dictator with visions of world domination achieved only thru beating the masses into submission. A disturbing, convulsing mass of auditory malevolence designed with the sole purpose of redefining brutal music.

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"A Song For Shia"

out now on Cataclysm Record's "Metal on Metal, Vol 1" l compilation.

100% pro american anti-liberal Metalcore/Deathstep


Screaming and yelling with liberal pigs, spreading their hatred and leftist disease.

Softness and weakness the strength of these scum, the eagle awaits now watch as they run!

Shia and Kimmel and Whoopie and Pitt, Hollywood cancer that don't equal shit.

Communist punks with the souls of a goat, retaliate friends and make them all choke!

fascist and hateful and drowning in pain, snowflakes are wicked and truly insane.

Erasing the truth and feeding you lies, devoid of a brain and American pride!

Dancing like fools and destroying the land where the man is a woman and the woman a man.

Communist punks with the souls of a goat, retaliate friends and make them all choke!

YES! The time is at hand to severe the limbs of those burning our flag!

Crushing the skulls of the communist swine, Draining their blood and then cracking their spines!

What the fuck's wrong with them, what the fuck's wrong? 

let's feast on their flesh for we are the strong!

what the fuck's wrong with them?

let's dance on their graves til the first light of dawn!

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