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New York's Stereo Assassin is a genre bending, one man wrecking crew of extreme Metal, DnB, Industrial & Dubstep. 
Starting his music career in 1991 as "Harmony Corruption",  Kevin Caputo (aka Stereo Assassin) armed with only a primitive Ensoniq 16+ sampler released an unnamed demo in '92 which would eventually come to be known as "The Blue Tapes". Crossbreeding the genres of Metal, Hip Hop and Industrial (extremely innovative for it's time), the demo quickly began circulating around the Long Island Hardcore/Metal scene. Spurred on by positive reviews from local music magazines and some prodding from Evan Seinfeld of Biohazard, Caputo went on to release Harmony Corruption's 2nd and final Ep: "Discord '93" after which he was approached by long time friend and drummer Jeff Lanzetta to play bass with legendary Long Island Hardcore band "Disciplinary Action". While in D.A. Caputo played a number of shows including the Bond st. Cafe show with "Neglect" and The Superbowl Of Hardcore with "Sheer Terror" & "Sick Of It All" as well as recording the much respected and celebrated "Disciplinary Action 7 inch". Leaving the band after having a falling out with D.A.'s singer and guitarist Caputo left the music scene. The Following year (1994), Lanzetta again approached Caputo this time asking him to play shows as Harmony Corruption with Disciplinary Action as the backing band. They managed to play two shows including the infamous Ritz show in Huntington, Long Island with Neglect and "Vision Of Disorder" where Caputo and the band very publicly broke up on stage in front of a few hundred people.  In 1995 Caputo once again jumped back into the music scene by recruiting 3 local high school musicians, the result was "Soul-Sick", Long Island's answer to what would come to be known as Nu-Metal. Soul-Sick quickly garnished the attention of NYC/Long island's Metal & Hardcore scene and released it's first demo "Still Sick And Suffering" in 1996 and soon after signed a booking deal with Ken Kriete's 718 booking Agency based on the strength of the demo. Under the guidance of 718 Booking Soul-Sick began touring and playing shows with bands such as Hatebreed, Merauder, Madball, Snot, Sevendust, Indecision, Candiria, VOD and many more. In the autumn of '98 S.S. began recording it's debut full length for Ken Kriete's newly formed 718 Records. Produced by A.J. Novello of Leeway and with guest appearances from Carly Coma & Ken Schalk of Candiria, "Performing An Exact Revenge" was recorded just over a period of 3 weeks in Jackson Heights, Queens. Unfortunately tensions between band members proved to be too much and Soul-Sick disbanded soon after (although the album was never released with 718, Caputo was able to release it on his own label Born Wrong Records in 2009 (available on itunes, spotify, etc etc).  After a 10 year absence from the music scene except for a 2005 Disciplinary Action reunion show, Caputo jumped back in again in 2010 with the release of a "Breakbeats, Beatdowns & Breakups" under the moniker "Stereo Assassin". Caputo himself states "although i liked the album and i released a few singles with it, i was still trying to find my sound"...... That "sound" he was looking for was found when he released the track "Divinity Roach" a fusion of Industrial, Metal & Drum & Bass. Stereo Assassin's music is continually progressing with each new release delving deeper into darker and more disturbing forms of Electronic music and making EDM has hard and heavy as possible. Although Stereo Assassin's main "sound" is Industrial Metal infused DnB & Dubstep he has shown he is not afraid to release complete Metal tracks without influence from other genres. One Thing is for sure Stereo Assassin Lives up to it's tagline: Wicked Music For Wicked People!
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